Ensuring the financial monitoring of the company and providing dashboards to enable executives to manage the company in the best possible way is strategic in the fast-paced environment in which we live.


Human ressources

Human resource management is one of the most crucial business functions that directly impacts the performance and productivity of an organization. Employees are valuable assets for any company as they make an active contribution to its overall growth.



whether it is Manufacturing or distribution or service provision, we can design the workflow and integrate into Odoo iSuite.


Hospital management systems

Hospital management system Odoo Apps helps to manage day to day activities of hospital and clinic which can be helpful for any Hospital and medical facilities. This module helps to manage Patient details, Doctors details, Patient Appointment, Prescription, Patient Hospitalization, Lab Test request and result, medicaments, new born details etc. This odoo apps also helps to generate Report for patient details, appointment, prescriptions, lab-test


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