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At iSuite, we understand that your very first experience of choosing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can be overwhelming. Having a wide range of ERP systems to choose from, it is crucial for businesses to select the most compatible ERP system according to their needs. Without prior experiences or knowledge of ERP system, it can be quite challenging to get the implementation done right. Hence, with our team of enthusiastic and well-experienced consultants, we are ready to provide you the guidance on acquiring your first ERP system.

Odoo Demo

First of all, a demo will be given to you on the types of Odoo apps and its many functions that help to grow your business. You will get the chance to see for yourself how user-friendly the Odoo user interface is. The meeting also allows us to better understand any business challenges that you are currently facing.

Success Pack Purchase

Once the demo is done, we will walk you through the Odoo pricing. Odoo believes in transparency, so all our pricing information will be available at Odoo website. At this stage, you will be advised to subscribe for the first success pack to kick start the need analysis.

Business Need Study

Once the success pack has been paid successfully, iSuite team will commence the business need study. Our Odoo consultants will be assigned to lead the effort. Discussion(s) will be scheduled with your team to gain a detailed understanding of your current and to-be business processes.

System Need Analysis

Once the business need study is done, our consultants will start mapping all collected business processes to the system functions. This gap analysis that is performed between your business processes and Odoo system flow allows us to estimate the efforts required for the implementation.

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